Vegetarian Tourists Enjoy Gourmet Foods While Staying in the Orlando Area

Many activities are fun and interesting for travelers to the Winter Park area of Florida. Museums, botanical gardens and a multitude of lakes and parks make this an intriguing place to stay when tourists want to be near Orlando attractions but spending their evenings in a quieter setting. They also look forward to sampling some of the Winter Park Restaurants, especially those that offer gourmet foods and unusual menus.

Some of the travelers have dietary preferences; a group may include a vegetarian or two, for example. They’ll appreciate a restaurant like The Glass Knife, which offers numerous menu items for people who don’t eat meat or seafood. Although Florida naturally is known for fresh fish, shrimp and crab, not everyone wants to eat these foods.


Many hotels provide free continental breakfast to their guests, but the tourists may want to have a full breakfast at least one morning during their stay. At this type of restaurant, the vegetarian customers might order peanut butter waffles or a spinach mushroom quiche. Or how about toast with avocado and egg? For those who prefer cooler food at breakfast, they might like a smoothie bowl with granola. The hearty breakfast may even last them past lunch as they head out for a full day’s adventure in the Orlando area.

Sandwich Options

An egg salad sandwich with baby spinach and tomatoes on a multi-grain croissant is likely to appeal to these individuals. A garden flatbread features spinach, tomato, avocado and Gruyere cheese.

The chefs also are usually willing to leave out one component if the meal is mainly vegetarian but includes a meat ingredient. For instance, it’s easy enough to leave the bacon out of a pimento cheese sandwich that also includes avocado and arugula.

Salad, Soup and Dessert

A harvest salad with vegetables, fruits, goat cheese and seeds can be served with a side of roasted tomato cheese soup. The variety of colors and the lovely aroma make for a delightful lunch. Cakes, doughnuts and pastries are on the menu for a delicious dessert. Daily special features for baked goods are a highlight of this kind of restaurant.